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It was originally out in the year 2018 however, Betrayal.Io took the year the year 2020 by storm and deserves that spotlight. Innersloth has brought the thrilling, multiplayer experience of games that involve cloaks and daggers in person such as Mafia and Werewolf run on PCs as well as mobile devices and consoles with a bang. Its great fun I’ve had playing slaying and searching my way through the enchanting sci-fi world has me thinking about what it took for this kind of game to be embraced by. There are some technical glitches to work out, similar to the flimsy engines of the Skeld, but it hasn’t prevented me from going back to it over and over when I have time off.

The idea behind Betrayal.Io is straightforward enough that anyone could grasp it quickly. Eight crew members run around in a cramped cartoon spaceship in order to play simple minigames and fill the shared progress bar. There are however two shady imposters with the intention of killing every single person until they surpass the team and win. But, like numerous excellent multiplayer games it’s a difficult game to master, since it’s focused on fooling real people not playing with an AI. You shouldn’t rely to the same strategies that have worked all the time or you’ll be caught by your opponents on. Therefore, sometimes you’ll need to mix it or even be a bit nutty to keep players on their toes.

The design is playful and fun, with your squishy, cute astronauts moving across reactor decks and engine bays that resemble my doodles that I used to make on the margins of my notebooks in the school. This works because of a few reasons. One reason is that it helps keep the mood easy, which is crucial when you’re likely to lie to, and being told lies to by your peers every round. It’s difficult to accept being caught during an exercise five times personally when the video for your death makes you laugh after you’ve finished screaming. The style of art also allows you to interact with the different equipment and toys in the game easy and fun. I was able drop immediately into my first game and gain a good understanding of what was happening without needing any assistance.

Betrayal.Io lives to the hype generated by its lull in popularity For the most part. It’s an intense and refreshing multiplayer which was not embraced digitally until the last few years. The game’s acclaim and popularity proves the enticing ways of murdering and deceiving your friends could be, along with Innersloth’s adorable art, likability and clever minigame designs. There’s no way to tell that it will be the last game in its kind to get noticed and we’re already seeing the influence of it on huge games such as Fortnite. It’s also the biggest hit in the category and it’s a fantastic first impression.