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Vex 7 : Game Review

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Vex 7 is a side-scrolling stickman-themed platform game that’s extremely challenging. The levels are tough and have deadly gadgets which can kill players! This game is an excellent option for people who love puzzle games. There are a variety of skins available for your character as well as daily challenges to be completed. There are a variety of methods to make coins through the game. There’s also a bonus level that you must be completed. If you are a fan of puzzle games, you’ll be awed by Vex 6. Link to play :

When taking part in Vex 7, it is essential to regularly take break and stop points. This will allow you to evaluate the progress you have made and to make adjustments to your strategy. To ensure that you don’t die in the water or leaping from a higher vantage point, you must make use of checkpoints in order to make your move. To prevent death take a leap and swim. However, don’t dive under water. In the event that you dive, you’ll die! There are numerous levels to the game as well as the option to play against your peers online or on the application.

The game is extremely addictive and is a fantastic opportunity to pass the time. There are numerous levels to conquer which includes daily bonus stages. There are numerous kinds of bonuses that you can unlock. Additionally, you can earn coins to purchase new costumes or costume skins to your character. The game is packed with excitement, and you can even win as many as 64 skins. Alongside Vex5 it is possible to play friv games in other categories. There will be other games in the near future!